Wow MTN Finally Reacts To 08066699666 And 08030004900 Killer Numbers, Checkout!

  • Sunday, April 2, 2017


    You won't believe this! There have been some claims that MTN numbers, 08030004900 and 08066699666 are killer numbers as they belong to some killers who have been using it to take people's life when their calls are picked. Not only that, there are also allegations that when calls are received through them, the receiver loses his sense or control and jumps into the Lagos Lagoon.

    This message was spread across all social medias that they should not pick any call from those strange numbers in order to save lifes.

    However, MTN Nigeria Public Relations and Protocol Manager, Funso Aina, respond to the matter in an email, said:

    "Please, note that there is no fact or truth to this story, as we have already share and communicated in all our social media channels. 
    “The 08030004900 was a telemarketing number, which is not in use at this time.” MTN said.

    So this means that the numbers are used for business purposes by MTN and the numbers does not belong to the so-called killers.

    What do you have to say about this?

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