Is This Recession? MTN Nigeria Sacks 280 Long-serving Workers

  • Monday, May 1, 2017


    MTN, the South African telecoms firm, sacked over 280 long-serving Nigeria employees from it's company, in a major job cut that affected about 15% of the company’s entire Nigerian workforce.

    Many of those sacked spent up to 15 years in the company even when MTN starts it's operation in Nigeria in 2001. Those affected by the new move of MTN include some 200 permanent employees and 80 contract staff across various groups, ranging from graduates to senior managers.

    The affected workers were given a dejected severance 75% of their gross monthly income multiplied by the number of years with the company. This actually means that if one work with MTN, one will be paid three weeks of their gross salaries times five.

    MTN now 16years in Nigeria and the severance package given to them makes the workers feel pain and discontent. Senior managers with 15 years of service was given 15million and most of the staffs got less than 5million.

    I hope you can recall that MTN recorded nearly $1 billion in profit in 2016 but was however, fined heavily by the government for failing to disconnect 5.2 million unregistered subscribers.

    Let me end this here. Those affected workers have agreed to leave the company voluntarily and the reason for this sudden sack were as a result of "the changing dynamics of the telecoms industry in recent times".

    I think MTN had calculated that they won't be able to pay their workers salaries in the future due to the recent economic crisis in Nigeria that's why they immediately sacked some of their long-serving workers.

    What do you have to say about this sudden sack of MTN employees?

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