Free Glo 0.0 browsing On pc/Computer with Tweakware Betagol

  • Thursday, July 6, 2017


    Glo 0.0 free browsing is no longer new to us as we all knew that in the next 2months it will be complete 2years of being active. Mostly Android users are enjoying this free browsing with different kinds of Vpn such as Tweakware VpnX-Liner VpnAnonyTun Vpn And many other Vpn which makes it enjoyable.
    Enjoy Glo 0.0 Free browsing On pc/Computer with Tweakware Betagol

    Actually this Glo unlimited free browsing is being used in PC/computer true the help of Pdanet+ But it has basic disadvantage which is "Can not be used without the help of android phone". At the stage, it seems useless to Non Android phone user's because they can't browse with their Pc/computer. Today am going to show you the new method to blaze the glo unlimited in your pc/computer without the need of and phone to power it.

    All thanks to Our whatsapp group brother and the winner of last month top commentator LordRing who brings this method to us to enjoy without living anybody lacking behind.

    How To Enjoy Glo 0.0 Unlimited On PC/Computer 


    How To Configure your Glo Tweakware Betagol Vpn on PC/Computer

    ✔️Connect Your Modem Or Hotspot.

    ✔️Open The BetaGol VPN on Your Pc/Computer.

    ✔️Insert Your Tweakware premium Username And Password. 

    ✔️Then click On Start BetaGol to Connect. 

    ✔️Wait For 5-10 seconds Your BetaGol VPN will Now Connected Successfully.

    NOTE: If you are browsing with your modem go to your Computer’s internet option and input the following on the proxy server of your local area network settings And Port 8080. This setting powers all the apps on your PC. 

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