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  • Thursday, July 20, 2017


    Globacom restricted (or GLO) is a Nigerian multinational telecommunications business enterprise situated in Lagos. Glo is a privately owned telecommunications carrier that started out operations on 29 August 2003. It currently operates in 4 international locations in West Africa, specifically Nigeria, Republic of Benin, Ghana and Côte d'Ivoire.

    when Glo started operation in Nigeria lower back in 2003, It changed into taken into consideration a lifestyles saver and it changed the industry for suitable, Already Glo became prevailing customers over and the Chairman Mike Adenuga being a Nigerian gave that feel of consolation to Nigerians. The rest is records.

    GLO: THE GRAND MASTERS OF horrific community

    Self proclaimed Grand masters of facts , however they fail to reckon with the fact that they may be rushing the entirety whilst looking to seize up with different competition in the game. while, they are like stagnant water or even worse as they're merely retarding. They idiot Nigerians with reasonably-priced statistics plans in which they can not use.

    I absolutely should commend Glo for giving us get right of entry to to cheap facts plans, very cheap and low-priced, i have to admit. currently, they offer us the most inexpensive records plans inside the usa however an average Nigerian could nevertheless must accept more highly-priced plans from different competitors. They knew our plight and that they came via for Nigerians, due to the fact in an industry where 200mb became given out for a thousand naira, Glo all of a surprising raised the bar and commenced giving out three.2gb for the 1000naira and obviously, it become out of this gesture different networks reviewed their diverse records plans.

    it would now not have been an trouble if Glo became not able to cowl the whole Nigeria, I imply which community can? The truth that they may be not able to cover majority of the country is wherein the issue lies.

    i have heard one-of-a-kind kinds of complains inside the beyond, even a twitter user puzzled whether or not the "Chairman Globacom Mike Adenuga browse with Glo? " however my non-public enjoy is even worse than having terrible community. In my campus at Ibogun, Globacom could transfer off their community mast for weeks claiming they do now not have diesel to run the generator, it became very unbearable as facts became vain, then after refueling the generator they would transfer it off around 9pm and turn on round 6am.

    occasionally, i wonder whether or not they're now not dropping subscribers, but in line with NCC, because they reviewed their statistics plans to be the most inexpensive, they were gaining more clients than different competitors every month. well, it is normal to get more clients in case you provide cheap offerings and recently, i was instructed through a fan on Whatsapp that "however they may be reasonably-priced, what you purchase is what you get ", and i was left dumbfounded. The truth that the statistics plans are cheap, does not necessary mean I ought to no longer get the price of what I paid for.

    lately, they did added a package deal that i discovered fun, you'll need to renew your data plan immediately it finishes otherwise you'll get half of of what you ought to get. as an instance, in case you subscribed for the N1000 plan which offers you 3.2GB, then you definately failed to vehicle renew it. you would get half of that the following time you resubscribe. I would like to dive into how they're starting to succumb to strain from other competitors however we could keep on with the script.
    under is a patron's file of how negative network is in his vicinity. Oluwole Isreal talked about, pronouncing:

    “Of all of the mobile community carriers running in Nigeria right now, Glo has the cheapest information plans. The GSM network has constantly come to the rescue of Nigerians, introducing insane tariffs that frequently make other community vendors modify their plans and pricing. while it delivered its cutting-edge statistics plans. lately, a whole lot of Nigerians notion liberation had come and that i wasn’t an exception.“It’s a recognized reality that Glo network isn’t the nice round however it's miles absolutely getting worse. I subscribed to the 24GB data plan for N5,000 and that i ended up regretting this circulate. The network high-quality has been so terrible that I haven’t been capable of move 50% of the records allocation and it’s almost 20 days.“MTN offers this identical amount of records for N10,000 and i concept getting it for ₦5,000 with Glo was a fantastic way to store a few cash. i was wrong. network satisfactory at the Glo community varies by place, every body knows this. but, the coverage in maximum regions is horrible.”


    This network problem goes out of fingers and seeming like a task not possible for Glo due to the fact, despite all of the complains from users all around the u . s ., there has been no development. Then I start to surprise this is it the second richest man even using this network anywhere he is going?

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    what is your take on the bad network? fee The community coverage for your area, and how do you suspect they are able to improve this network?

    creator: Written with the aid of Onasanya Tunde, the chief executive Officer of Rammyblog . He writes about network and gives solutions to laptop, phones and other accessories.

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