Latest WhatsApp Feature: Swipe to Reply, Dark Mode and parts more

  • Monday, September 17, 2018


    We've been seeing loads of changes from the WhatsApp informing application and here we are again with another bunch transforms we are required to perceive any minute from now.

    Swipe to Reply: 

    iPhone clients as of now has it and the informing application is taking a shot at conveying it to Android. It will enable you to rapidly answer to a message utilizing a swipe right signal. It basically implies you will never again need to tap and hold the message to get the Reply catch.

    Dull Mode: 

    WhatsApp has at last begun chipping away at a Dark Mode for the two iOS and Android. Notwithstanding, the report does not specify the correct course of events for the Dark Mode to take off to WhatsApp.

    The forthcoming dull mode highlight will help diminish strain on client's eyes while utilizing WhatsApp during the evening or in low-light conditions. It will likewise help ration battery on telephones that have OLED shows.

    Expandable Group Participants List 

    At the point when there are in excess of 10 members,
    WhatsApp demonstrates a More catch that will exhibit the full gathering members list. This is now empowered in the refresh.

    What do you think about this updates?

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