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    10 June 2017

    The grandmaster of data plan, Globacom which network is very poor in some areas pays their staffs a certain amount of money in every month. So, if you Aspire to work for Globacom Nigeria some day then this post or article will take you through the complete or comprehensive Glo structure and scale in order to educate you on how much Globacom pays their salary monthly.

    Isn't it a wonderful thing to know? Yes! You have the right to know it and these are the arrangements and amount of money they pay their staff.

    Globacom Staffs And Monthly Salary

    1. Customer care representative - N56,000 – N110,000
    2. Sales executive - N100,000 – N150,000
    3. Area sales manager - N380,000 – N500,000
    4. Legal officer or specialist - N280,000 – N300,000
    5. BSS Engineer - N125,000 – N150,000
    6. HR specialist and Executive - N208,000 – N229,000
    7. Payable And Payroll Accountant - N150,000 – N200,000
    8. Regional sales manager - N700,000 – N890,000

    What do you have to say about this?

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