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    25 July 2017

    9Mobile has brought time base facts plans referred to as BlazeOn for limitless browsing and downloading .

     I think is a welcome improvement and may be of exquisite advantage for those of you that have some heavy files to down load and additionally rapid 9Mobile (Etisalat) network.

    don't forget that Airtel became the first to introduce timely based totally statistics plan returned in 2015 and it turned into subscribers favorite due to the fact you may download limitless with it for 1hour with just N180 despite the fact that something went wrong later along the line when they extended the price and the plan steadily fade away.

    This 9Mobile timely base facts plans is made feasible via an app called BlazeOn , powered via Comptel’s FWD solution. consistent with 9Mobile “most net users in Nigeria don’t know how a great deal cell records they consume at the same time as surfing or streaming", subsequently the release of BlazeOn. For now am certain the app is available for Android customers however might be rolled out for iOS devices soon. but allow's have a look at the plans, fees and how they work under.

    you can get 10min for N50, 15min for N70, 30min for N120 or pass for the 1hour plan. in the jurisdiction of this usage, you can download limitless till it slow expires.

    a way to spark off IT
    download BlazeOn App from google playstore or
    download BlazeOn apk here
    set up the app and you are desirable to go.
    the way to GET free 200MB ON 9MOBILE BLAZEON

    After downloading the app, check in and send "BLAZEON" to "229" (with out the quote) and also you have to get your unfastened 200mb.

    notice: this plan is really helpful most effective if 9Mobile network in your area could be very speedy in any other case you might remorse it. In this example, time na cash. What do you observed?

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