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    Monday, August 31, 2020


    if you upload Google Adsense ads code for your blogger blogspot blog,

    you then must have noticed that it's far killing your Pagespeed.

    if you don't get it,

    here's a web page that has Google AdSense code introduced without optimization...

    and right here is some other with Adsense code brought the right way!.
    Get the gist?.

    So, in this submit, i am going to expose you the precise way to add Adsense code to blogger without affecting Pagespeed.

    however earlier than then, allow's take approximately why you need a fast loading advertisements code.


    Notwithstanding these, at that point I could never outskirt squandering my chance on 

    adding Adsense advertisements code to blogspot blog the correct way! 

    also, these reasons are 

    1. 1. Website optimization Benefit: Know this currently, Fast formats get an internet searcher positioning lift over moderate locales 
    2. 2. Increment Earnings: If you can expand how quick your substance gets showed to clients, at that point you can twofold your Google AdSense income 
    3. 3. Better User Experience: Users don't care for moderate stacking locales, so on the off chance that you can accelerate your blog, at that point you get the chance to enhance the client encounter . 
    4. 4. Lower bob rate: Google presented AMP pages as a result of moderate stacking locales, so on the off chance that you can help your speed, make certain of the lower number of clients clicking back. 

    Everything that stated, 

    How about we discuss the old strategies used to add AdSense code to blogger.


    This works in any case, it is to a great degree an un-improved way to deal with add Adsense code to Blogger; 

    This is so in light of the way that the Adsense code is a javascript report, thus, it stands the ability of transforming into a rendering blocking JS. 

    If you used this system, you need to settle it and seek after the new procedure 

    The old methodology was basically including your ads code an async="async" javascript record. 

    Directly, this worked uncommon yet in the meantime possed a risk which is clearly showed up on Google Pagespeed device. 

    So what's the best way to deal with add Adsense code to blogger blogspot? 

    It's called yielding!!.


    By deferring, it simply means loading an item after every other major item have been loaded.
    For example, in a blogger blog, we have text, images, JS, CSS etc.

    It makes a lot of sense for Text and CSS to load first since they are the major items needed to be displayed.

    While images can then be loaded via Image lazy loading
    and finally, Javascript such as Google AdSense code can then be deferred.

    Get the concept?
    If yes, then let me show you how to defer or add AdSense code to blogspot without affecting page speed.


    • Go to >> Theme >> Edit HTML.
    • Search for </body> (it's at the bottom)
    • Copy and Paste the below code just above </body> and save.

    <script type='text/javascript'> function downloadJSAtOnload() { var element = document.createElement(&quot;script&quot;); element.src = &quot;// document.body.appendChild(element); } if (window.addEventListener) window.addEventListener(&quot;load&quot;, downloadJSAtOnl else if (window.attachEvent) window.attachEvent(&quot;onload&quot;, downloadJSAtOnloa else window.onload = downloadJSAtOnload; </script>

    • If you already have AdSense code on your blog, search for all occurrences of "<script async src="//"></script>" both in theme and layout section.

    Once found, delete them.

    • Whenever you wish to add Adsense banner to your blog, deleted the JS part (<script async src="//"></script>) and paste the rest page e.g " "

    Get it?

    Now, that's how easy it is to place/add Google Adsense ads code on blogger blogspot blog the right way without affecting blog Pagespeed.
    That leads us to actually displaying Ads on blogger.

    The first step, we added the script which happens to be the reason for slow speed.
    For absolute beginners without an idea on how to create Adsense ads code.
    Here is how to get it done.

    Go to GoogleAdsense login page >> My ads >> Ads units >> New ad unit.

    On the new page, choose any ads type of your choice,

    I selected Text & display ads.
    You can learn about Adsense in-feeds ads in my blog post.

    Give it a name, Select the size you prefer. I always choose the responsive size.
    When done click "Save & get code".
    The ad code will pop up, copy the code and don't forget to delete the script part which is "<script async src="//"></script>".
    That's all.

    Add the code to an HTML widget at the sidebar, inside the theme etc.


    So how would you typically add Adsense code to blogger? 

    Did the new technique separated your blog page speed? 

    Am restless to hear what you have encountered at the remark segment.

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