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    06 October 2018

    Is it correct to mention that you are still on Android 4.1 Jellybean running framework? unfortunately, soonest you might not have the potential to utilize Google Chrome for your Android gadget.

    XDA engineers did some burrowing through the brand new variation of Chrome software, and determined a few submit. The put up persuades that at some point or another, chrome will in no way again help Android devices jogging Android 4.1, 4.2, and 4.3.

    In light of Android's dispersion numbers, there are round 32 million Android devices nonetheless on Jellybean. which means that three.2% of Android gadgets are nonetheless on a version of Jellybean out of more than 1 billion Android gadgets.

    proper now, Google Chrome can be introduced from Google playstore on Android 4.1 or more; this is the cause it is constantly prudent for OEM's to dependably discharge refreshes required for an overhaul on their devices.

    there may be no route of activities yet recognised for while Google will pull the precise on Jellybean and Chrome, however it is able to be earlier than you might suspect.

    supply me a hazard to ask, which Android operating framework is your cellular smartphone strolling?

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