The Best Technique To Create A Blog For Free And Make Money (2020
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    Monday, August 31, 2020


    Most times getting online is not the problem but how to optimize the time online is, without wasting your time,

    In this post, I am going to show you how to create a blog for free and make money in 2019. This guide is well explained and if well followed, you will easily start making money from blogging.

    How to Create a Blog for Free and Make Money

    These are the exact 6 steps required to create a blog for free and make money in 2019.

    1. Choose a niche (blog topic)
    2. Find the right blog name
    3. choose a free blogging platform
    4. customize the look of your blog
    5. start publishing contents (pages/posts)
    6. grow your traffic (audience)
    7. monetize your blog

    Let me take you through all the steps.

    Choose a niche (blog topic)

    Choosing a niche also known as a blog topic is the best part of blogging. A bad niche can ruin your blogging carrier and a good one can build it.

    Here are the factors to consider when choosing a blog topic

    1. personal knowledge
    2. passion for it
    3. ability to make money
    4. user interest

    Before you can write about a topic, you should have personal knowledge of it and your passion should also grow for it.

    Such niche should be monetizable and users (humans) should be interested in it.

    Check out this how to choose the right blog niche post of mine where I explained and listed the top paying niches in the blogging industry.

    Find the right blog name

    A blog name will act as the identity and URL of your free blog. If you don’t find the right blog name then you would have a problem with

    • SEO
    • Users

    This is because, the right blog name is the combination of length, keyword, and niche relationship. In that sense, the right blog name must fit into the niche (blog topic) you have chosen.

    Here are some useful tips to get the right blog name

    1. Use a blog name generator
    2. Use your name (e.g Clickloaded blog) gotten from Atavwerunu Clinton 
    3. Pick a keyword from your nice (e.g news site) TVC News etc.

    Try what works for you and try to ensure it is not less than 3 words and not more than 14 words. Avoid underscores and hyphens in the name (e.g clickloaded-blog).

    Choose a free blogging platform.

    Just the same way you live in your house, that’s the same way your blog lives in a platform. Hence, it is wise to get a free blogging platform that fits the desires of your blog.

    A free blogging platform can decide the look and functionality of your blog because you can only make use of the available tools in such a platform.

    Here are the 3 top free blogging platforms to choose from

    1. BlogSpot
    3. Tumblr

    For users of all these platforms, you get a free subdomain (,, unlimited bandwidth and disk space.

    Follow these guides below to create a free blog on these platforms

    1. 32 must-do crucial blogger settings for novices.
    2. WordPress Blog: How To Start A Free Blog (2019 Guide)
    3. How to Set-up Your Tumblr Blog

    Customize the look of your blog

    After creating a free blog using the above platforms, the next step is to customize the look of your blog.

    Generally, the above-named platforms, provide you with a free theme which you can easily access from the dashboard.

    For blogspot >> go to dashboard >> themes >> activate your preferred theme.

    Here are guides to show you how to setup themes on blogspot and WordPress

    1. How to Install a Template on Your Blogger Blog: 8 Steps
    2. 2. Beginners Guide: How to Install a WordPress Theme

    You can also get lovely free themes online for blogspot and if you are a writer check out these 30 free themes for writers and also these 10 Adsense ready themes.

    Start publishing contents

    Time to start publishing contents on your new blog. First thing first is to create these pages.

    • About Us
    • Contact Us
    • Policies/ Disclamer.

    These pages are necessary, and you can follow these below guides to create such pages.
    After creating the pages, you now have to create your very first post. This could be a welcome message or anything that fits well into your blogging topic.

    Here are some helpful guides for you too.

    1. How to Write a Killer “About Us” Page
    2. 2. How to Add a Privacy Policy in Blogger (BlogSpot)

    Grow your traffic (audience)

    As I earlier said, everyone can create a blog for free and make money but not everyone will end up making the money.

    For your blog to succeed online, it requires “humans” to visit it and how will humans visit it?

    They have to be interested in what you write. So here are the basic tips to grow your traffic

    • Post consistently
    • Share your posts to social network
    • Optimize for search engines
    • Build a list (email, push notification, chatbot, etc)

    These four tips above can go a very long way in growing your traffic over time.

    Here are some useful links carefully selected for you

    Monetize your blog

    These would be no sense in writing about how to start a blog for free and make money without showing you ways to make money from your blog.

    Just as my blog stands for, start, design, grow and make money.

    In monetizing your free blog, there are a lot of options you would wanna try out. But I recommend you only practice these when

    • Your blog is at least 4 months old
    • You have a steady audience already
    • Readable contents are available on your blog.

    After meeting up the above conditions, you can try out the below platforms to make money

    • Google Adsense
    • Affiliate Marketing
    • Sponsored Banners/Article
    • Sellings of products

    These and numerous other ways to make money have been carefully explained in this 23 ways to make money online.

    Rounding Up

    Though you can easily start a blog for free and make money, I would suggest you get one of the below things

    1. a domain name (.com,.net, etc)
    2. a premium theme
    3. possibly move to (get a hosting)

    Reason being that, a subdomain which is available on free blogging platforms is not professional and it can instantly kill the growth of your blog.

    While a premium theme comes with more benefits, if you are using blogspot you have got to try Goodness or Ismart blogger template.

    Thirdly, moving to WordPress would be one of your greatest achievements, because WordPress brings more functionality and customization.

    If you are low on cash, then you can try out hub8 free web hosting which provides you a 100GB bandwidth and 500MB storage enough for starters.

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