The Best System To Start a Blog on Facebook and Earn Money (2020)
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    Wednesday, June 26, 2019


    Often times I find users asking such questions…

    how to start a blog on facebook? some go further and ask how to start a blog on facebook and earn money?

    That probably leave an average blogger wondering, can you blog on facebook? how do you blog on facebook? do i need a facebook blog for my business?

    Well, in today’s guide, i am going to explain the whole facebook blogging concept and how you can go about it in 2019.

    First step is,

    What is a blog?

    according to wikipedia,

    A blog is a discussion or informational website published on the World Wide Web consisting of discrete, often informal diary-style text entries. Posts are typically displayed in reverse chronological order, so that the most recent post appears first, at the top of the web page


    Now, here is an important fact there, regularly updated with content.

    Which means as long as you have a platfrom such as Facebook, Instagram and twitter, you can make a blog out of it.

    Let’s check out how to start a blog on facebook.

    Generally, there are two ways.

    1. Create a personal facebook account
    2. Create a facebook page.

    Which do I recommend? Facebook page. for the following reasons

    1. You can easily build a brand around a facebook page because thats what they are meant for.
    2. Facebook pages also come with better community tools.

    Do you have any reason not to use a facebook page? let with me below in the comment blog.

    Now, here are the simple steps to start a blog on facebook

    How to start a blog on facebook

    • Pick a niche
    • Create a free facebook page
    • Invite friends to like your page
    • Publish content related to your niche
    • Promote your page/posts
    • Monetize your page/posts

    Pick a Niche

    A niche is simply that topic you want to write about. It could be entertainment, gossip, news etc.

    See also: How to start a news blog (2019)

    For a facebook blog, Best niche would be affialiate marketing because making money would be very easy due to the available methods of monetizing FB blogs.

    2. Create a facebook page.

    First, you need to have a personal facebook account, if you do, Here are the basic steps to create a faceboom page

    1. Visit Facebook page creation
    2. Select “Business”.
    3. Type in your blog name and choose a category (e.g blogger)
    4. Upload profile and cover photo

    Thats basically all you need to do in creating a facebook page.

    # 3. Invite friends to like your page

    Next thing you want to do, is inviting friends to like your page.

    You also go to groups and ask people to like your page. The more likes you get, the more explosure your page gets.

    4. Publish content related to your niche

    After getting a few likes, you have to consider publishing contents relating to your niche (topic)
    You don’t need to write hundreds of words, just make it engaging and shareable.

    Facebook posts don’t get indexed on search engines hence writing a 3000 words posts is useless if it is not engaging.

    Best content types for facebook are photos and videos.

    5. Promote your page/posts

    Facebook has over 1billion users waiting to digest your content but the problem is, not this 1billion users can locate your content.

    Actaully you don’t need these 1 billion users, all your need is a few hundred that enjoy your content.

    Now, unlike websites where your contents can be found on Google, Facebook actually aint the same.

    On facebook, your posts either get shared, promoted or hidden forever. Hence, run a few promotions.

    # 6. Monetize your page/posts

    How do you make money from Facebook? Can i run adsense on facebook? No you can’t but there is a better way of monetizing facebook pages/blogs

    Affiliate marketing.

    Unlike adsense that requires a website with content, affiliate marketing only requites a user base (a few persons interested in your product)

    Hence, you can make money on facebook by signing up for a few affiliate funnels such as clinkbank and start making money on facebook.

    # Rounding up.

    Blogging on facebook is free and easy to start but however you have to be careful not to get your page banned.

    read: 7 Way Making Money Blogging (Free Guide for 2019)

    Happy blogging!


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