10 Strategies To Generate Blog Post Ideas Today
  • Jumia

    Wednesday, August 26, 2020


    In this blog post, I’m going to share 10 techniques I use to find great blog post ideas.

    The best part?

    These techniques are so simple and actionable that even a newbie can learn them in minutes.

    In short, if you are struggling to come up with topic ideas, you’ll LOVE this guide.

    Let’s dive in:

    1. Transform Questions Into Blog Post Ideas Using AnswerThePublic 

    AnswerThePublic is a freemium apparatus that encourages you think of the most posed inquiries about your point. 

    Go to their webpage and enter your point on the hunt bar to see examines you can compose regarding on your blog. 

    Instructions to utilize this strategy: Find bunches of inquiries regarding your theme 

    The following page will show you various inquiries individuals pose about the subject. 

    You can flip the appearance between Visualization view or Data see (which is what you're seeing at this point). 

    From here, you can go through the various inquiries to accompany a post for each. Or on the other hand you can join various inquiries that share a comparable subject and make a complete post that answers them all. 

    To spare all the inquiries and dissect every one of them, click the download button in .csv design. 

    Look to top ^ 

    2. Go To The News For Ideas 

    There's no finer wellspring of data and blog point thoughts than the news. 

    Google News, to be definite. 

    Go to Google News to see the most recent and drifting occasions happening everywhere on over the world. 

    You can look for your theme utilizing the bar to assist you with seeing the most recent happenings in your field. 

    On the outcomes page, you can see great themes to expound on that may intrigue you. 

    Snap on them to see the most recent posts about each. 

    Instructions to utilize this technique: Newsjacking 

    Newsjacking is a strategy that lets you as distributer ride the flood of fame that a subject has. 

    On account of the model over, the principal news piece discusses the "little" calculation update. 

    In SEO, even the littlest of changes in the inquiry calculations can have a gradually expanding influence in a site's presentation. 

    Accordingly, you can utilize this piece as a hopping point on how they can SEO-confirmation their site in the midst of the calculation change. 

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    3. Discover Trending Topics on Google 

    Like the most recent news, expounding on drifting articles identified with your subject permits you to piggyback on its rush of notoriety with expectations of driving more traffic to your blog. 

    One of the instruments that let you see the drifting themes is Google Trends

    After composing your theme on the inquiry bar, you will promptly observe a chart that shows the drifting score of the expressions. 

    The higher the charts patterns to one side, the more mainstream it is, the more explanation it is for you to expound on it! 

    Utilizing a similar catchphrase, in any case, it's not as mainstream a point dependent on the chart above. 

    Be that as it may, on the off chance that you look down the page, you will see related and great themes to expound on. 

    You can see related points and questions about your subject. 

    This area shows the most sizzling subjects pertinent to your pursuit as indicated by search patterns. 

    "Breakout" implies that the quest volume for this catchphrase are off the outlines. 

    The rest shows the rate score increment over a period. For instance, under Related subjects, "Johnny – Topic" has a +400% expansion in look. It implies that it is more now than it was previously! 

    Nonetheless, not all outcomes appeared under this area are precise. 

    In this model, "Web optimization" shows results from Korean superstars with the subject as a feature of their name. Our plan is to discover points under about site design improvement, so a portion of the outcomes discovered here are unessential. 

    To show more outcomes and discover more important themes or questions, click on the connection underneath each. 

    Here's the screen capture underneath in the event that we click "Indicating 1-5 of 23 subjects:" 

    It shows the following five most applicable subjects. 

    Instructions to utilize this strategy: Find the best drifting subject 

    In the event that you entered a wide subject as your quest inquiry for Google Trends, that is incredible. 

    The apparatus will assist you with narrowing down your quest for the best points about the subject. 

    Utilizing the related inquiry and inquiries, "Google My Business – Topic" has a +350% in search volume. 

    Utilizing this data, you can compose a post that interfaces the worth that Google My Business gives to your site's SEO. 

    Look to top ^ 

    4. Set Up Google Alerts 

    Since you oblige a crowd of people, you should tune in to what they need to state about the theme. 

    You can get makes straight aware of your email utilizing Google Alerts

    After pursuing a record, enter the point or watchword you need to follow. 

    You can make the same number of alarms as you need for your points. 

    Snap "Make Alert" for this point on the off chance that you need to get messages about the most recent news about it. 

    You can include the same number of alarms as you need. Separate your blog point into subtopics and track every one of them. 

    Step by step instructions to utilize this technique: Stay on head of the most recent news 

    Like how you can utilize Google News, utilize the outcomes as a hopping point for your next blog themes. 

    There will be times when the outcomes for the theme won't yield you intriguing outcomes. 

    Notwithstanding, the excellence of Google Alerts is that you will get messages if something new comes up about your theme. 

    You don't need to physically visit the news and search for the most recent posts. Google Alerts will convey the substance directly to your inbox. 

    From that point, locate the best themes you can expound on your blog. 

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    5. Utilize Google's Keyword Research Tool 

    In the event that you need significantly more blog theme thoughts, you should jump onto Google's catchphrase instrument to uncover more watchword thoughts and proposals so you can conceptualize for additional subjects. 

    Enter the words or expressions that you need to look through utilizing the apparatus. 

    You can lump together the same number of themes as you need. For best outcomes, they should all be identified with one another to assist you with concocting smart thoughts. 

    In the wake of looking for the page, you will see the outcomes composed into a table. 

    Concentrate on the "catchphrase (by pertinence)" segment since you need to conceptualize for theme thoughts. 

    You may likewise need to consider the "normal month to month look" section so you can pick catchphrases that have high pursuit volumes. 

    The higher the month to month look, the more possibilities individuals will unearth your blog on the off chance that it begins positioning on Google! 

    Instructions to utilize this technique: Search for points that individuals search the most 

    You'd need to target related subjects with the most noteworthy normal month to month look. 

    "Keto diet" has over 100K-1M look in a month. While this sounds ideal, you need to concentrate on a more explicit theme about keto diet. 

    It's ideal to peruse the outcomes for granular points. 

    The following are points you can expound on your blog that' identified with keto diet: 

    The quest volumes for the featured watchwords might be less yet they separate the point into something more explicit. 

    While search volume is significant, you likewise need to make content that is exceptionally focused on. Consequently, pick catchphrases from Keyword Planner remembering this. 

    Look to top ^ 

    6. Discover How Easy It is To Rank For The Keyword 

    Like the Google Keyword Planner, Ubersuggest is a device that encourages you conceptualize for catchphrase thoughts and discover more data about each. 

    In any case, not at all like Keyword Planner that shows the scope of searches a catchphrase gets in a month, Ubersuggest shows the normal pursuit volume of the post. This variable is urgent in the event that you need your substance to drive more traffic to your blog. 

    From the landing page, sort of catchphrase or blog theme you need to look for thoughts. 

    When you've entered the watchword, it gives you its review. 

    What's more significant is the data you can discover beneath it: 

    To uncover more thoughts, click on the "View all watchword thoughts" button. 

    View all watchword thoughts 

    Look down the outcomes on the left side to see more watchword thoughts. 

    Beside the catchphrase's inquiry volume (VOL segment), a factor you have to investigate is the SEO Difficulty (SD section). 


    The lower the score, the simpler it is for you to rank for that catchphrase. 

    By focusing on catchphrases with low SEO trouble scores, you can expand your odds of positioning high on query items. 

    Accordingly, you can drive more traffic to your blog! 

    Instructions to utilize this strategy: Find easy pickins catchphrases 

    Catchphrases with generally high inquiry volume and low SEO trouble scores are viewed as low hanging natural products. 

    They give you the most obvious opportunity with regards to positioning on web crawlers with minimal measure of exertion! 

    On the model beneath, it's difficult to overlook these easy pickins watchwords: 

    Every one of the three have moderately high pursuit volumes and low SEO trouble. 

    Making content for these watchwords can help drive more traffic to your blog, expecting that you can make convincing posts. 

    Look to top ^ 

    7. Use Keyword Revealer 

    Catchphrase Revealer is like the UberSuggest above since it shows watchword trouble for every one of the subjects or catchphrases. 


    Be that as it may, a cool element about this device is it gives extra information to assist you with picking the best thoughts from the rundown. 

    After signing in, enter the subject of your blog which is fills in as the seed catchphrase. 

    The device will at that point look for many catchphrases that you use to conceptualize for blog theme thoughts. 

    To get more explicit subject thoughts for your blog, click on the "Channel" catch to open the drop-down window. 

    How about we take a stab at discovering catchphrases with specific modifiers. To do that, type "best" on the Keyword Search bar. 

    You will see the outcomes here: 

    It gives you catchphrase phrases with "best" in it. 

    conceptualize for blog point thoughts 

    To decide the trouble of the watchword, click "Assess." 

    Here are the outcomes for "best white tennis shoes for men." 

    "Social Presence" encourages you measure up the social portions of each post positioning on the main page of list items. 

    "Watchword Search Trend" shows you a line chart of how well known a catchphrase is as the years progressed. 

    Step by step instructions to utilize this strategy: Simplify catchphrase conceptualizing 

    The highlights above are accessible on the previously mentioned instruments. 

    Nonetheless, Keyword Revealer has something that others don't: 

    Watchword Brainstorming. 

    Go to the Keyword Brainstorming page and enter your seed watchword there. 

    When done, you will see this: 

    Catchphrase Brainstorming 

    The instrument will make a visual portrayal of your point and its relating subtopics. Tapping on the subtopics would show you considerably more blog subjects. 

    Go through the catchphrases here to accompany themes for your blog. 

    Look to top ^ 

    8. Search For Topic Ideas on Buzzsumo 

    Buzzsumo lets you locate the most mutual substance about your point. Utilizing the outcomes, you can think of your own adaptation of the substance since individuals love sharing it. 

    By affiliation, you ought to before long produce bunches of offers for your posts and obtain more traffic! 

    In the wake of signing in, type in the point to locate the most shared posts about it. 

    You will see the outcomes composed from the most offers to the least. 


    Instructions to utilize this strategy: Write about themes that individuals need to share 

    Look at the most common posts and make sense of why that is the situation. 

    For what reason do bunches of individuals share it? 

    How is the post composed? Or then again is it in an alternate configuration (video, sound, and so on.)? 

    What subtopics does it spread? 

    The thought here is for you to make a greatly improved variant of the most common posts. 

    The way that individuals share the posts under this theme implies that you ought to do likewise for your blog! 

    However, for this situation, take the best components of each post and reproduce them on your blog entry! 

    Look to top ^ 

    9. Utilize Social Animal 

    Comparable from numerous points of view to Buzzsumo, Social Animal not just lets you locate the most common posts about your theme yet you likewise get bits of knowledge about the subject. 

    After signing in, enter your theme on the inquiry bar. 


    You will see the outcomes beneath that is like Buzzsumo. 

    It reveals to you how long your title ought to be, what number of words your post ought to have, and different elements to help increment the effect of your post to your ideal crowd. 

    Step by step instructions to utilize this technique: Research for compelling features and make better ones 

    What makes Social Animal diverse is the capacity to examine the features of each post. 

    On the outcome, click on the gauging scale symbol of the post with the feature you need to break down. 

    A window shows up and separates the data about the feature. 

    The subtleties here will enable you to comprehend what makes the feature work. These additionally clarify the hundreds and thousands of perusers and portions of the post. 

    Looking down the base of the screen, you will likewise observe the title separated into various word inflatables. It depicts each word utilized and their equivalents in the event that you need to make an article like this one. 

    Look to top ^ 

    10. Quest For Questions on Quora 

    This head Q&A webpage is a secret stash for blog subject thoughts. Search your theme or watchword on the inquiry bar and locate the most posed inquiries. 

    After signing into their site, enter your subject on the pursuit bar. 

    Snap on "Search" to discover inquiries regarding your point. You can likewise pick "Subject" on the off chance that you to get results from a more explicit theme. 

    The outcomes ought to be sufficient to assist you with concocting subjects that answer a particular inquiry or a mix of various ones. 

    Step by step instructions to utilize this technique: Find inquiries with the most answers 

    The incredible thing about Quora is that the cream ascends at the top. 

    What I mean is: 

    The best inquiries find the most solutions. 

    This makes your activity a lot simpler on the grounds that all that you have to expound on your post can be seen by the appropriate responses of others. 

    On the off chance that you click on one of inquiries, here's the way the page resembles:

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