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    Saturday, August 29, 2020


    Experience simplicity and functionality in one theme.

    Introducing Clickloaded Tech Blog   Template an all in one solution for your blogging needs.

    Blogging has revolutionized, and I have created a theme that fits well with the new brand of blogging.

    Clickloaded Tech Blog  is a responsive, fast loading, SEO friendly, AdSense ready and mobile optimized BlogSpot theme
    created to suit all your needs.


    • SEO Friendly
    • Fast Loading
    • Clean Code
    • Works With HTTPS
    • AdSense Optimized
    • SMO Friendly
    • Custom Widgets
    • Share Buttons
    • TOC widget
    • Animated Header
    • Schema Tags
    • Awesome Search bar
    • 2 Menus & A Mega Mobile Menu
    • Documentation
    • Customer support


    Clickloaded tech blog template is created to meet the latest standard of Search Engine Optimization.

    It has been tested with various on-page SEO tools and it meets all their needs.
    C.T.B has also performed on personal experiment.
    Used the theme for a few months and I can testify that it makes the latest standards of SEO.


    In other not to keep your visitors waiting,
    Clickloaded tech  blogger template has been created to load very fast on all devices including smartphones and desktops.

    We accomplished this through the latest speed optimization tools.
    It comes with lazy loading of images, custom fonts, font awesome icons etc.
    Nothing can slow down your site.


    Nothing is messed up!
    The codes are as clean as it can be and very easy to understand.
    Every code used in this theme has a function which means
    I was extremely careful when building this theme.
    Also, in other to maintain a good coding environment.
    I rebuilt the entire theme from scratch without depending on existing
    codes from an old template.


    SSL is the leading security package for any blog in 2018
    and Google claims to add SERP rank to pages with HTTPS enabled.

    So i built Clickloaded theme, to work fully with HTTPS
    With any mixed content error.

    All images, files are well hosted on HTTPS and whether you are using custom domain or the blogspot subdomain
    you will experience no HTTPS error or problem.


    Stay at the top of your earning with a super ads optimized theme.
    No need to create Ads spot on your own.

    Optimized spots have already been created.

    All you have to do is insert your ads code and see your revenue boost up.
    Banner blindness, have reduced lot of earnings but Clickloaded tech blog template help reduces that.

    You can see the available ads spot below

    • Below post title
    • Inside the post
    • After the first & third posts in home/archive pages
    • Sidebar
    • Footer
    • Below blog header
    These spots perform awesomely well,
    whichever you choose, be sure to increase your earnings.


    Facebook currently has over 2billion register users - one needs to tape into such traffic!

    Clickloaded tech blog  gives you a boost ahead of your competitors in this.
    SMO practices have been well carried out during the development of Clickloaded tech blog theme.

    Which features such as

    • Twitter card
    • Twitter authorship
    • Facebook Open Graph
    • Facebook authorship
    • Google+ Authorship
    Clickloaded blogspot template is ready to take your social media experience to the next level.

    One other feature you love
    is the pop-up facebook box that can immensely increase your facebook page likes.
    It also features share and follow buttons to help you build a better audience.


    Unlike the boring widgets available in the blogspot themes,
    C.T.B brings in more coolness to everything.

    A super cool popular post widget with sliding effects,
    well designed featured post widget, to help you display a specific post to your audience

    and also cool boxes in the footer to help increase your business
    if you offer services. these boxes will be great to display relevant links
    such as hire me, view my portfolio etc.


    Definitely had to add my cool share buttons.
    Created these buttons as a widget on its own which will soon be available in the shop.
    These share buttons are crazy!

    Floating share bar at the left sidebar on desktop and laptop screens.
    This will surely increase share count
    and also horizontal share buttons below the post title
    and at the post footer.

    You also get a horizontal floating bar with share buttons and post navigation.


    1. 1. 1. Facebook
    2. 2. 2. Twitter
    3. 3. 3. Google+
    4. 4. 4. LinkedIn
    5. 5. 5. Buffer
    6. 6. 6. Pinterest
    7. 7. 7. StumbleUpon


    Tighten up your game with the automatic Table of Content widget for blogspot.
    You don't need to add it, it automatically comes up after the first paragraph of each post.

    WHY TOC ?

    Toc is one of the leading CTR boosters in 2018.
    Google recently started displaying "Jump to paragraph" in the search result
    and this based on the TOC widget
    which I have added to this theme.


    Ever wish to make your blog header floating?
    Well, C.T.B   theme gets that done
    and that's not all, The header is both floating and animated.
    It shows the main menu when sliding down the page
    but shows the whole menu when a user is sliding up
    making it easy for users to access the menu even when they are in the footer.


    Increase your probability of getting featured in the Google rich snippets.
    Schema tags, help Google understand your blog pages and sections better,
    with proper usage of the schema tags,
    there comes a higher probability of Getting featured in Google search results.
    No better way to triple your traffic.


    You don't need any other search bar.
    C.T.B blogspot template comes packed with a click to search, search box.
    It floats along the items in the header to make it easy for visitors to search your blog.
    No more search bar at the sidebar.
    A better place is the header and there it is!.


    Have a lot of items to display?
    C.T.B got your back. Come in with 2 main menus for your blog.
    One at the header to display main sections
    and another at the footer to display important pages such as about, contact etc.
    On mobile, it comes in with a mega menu, with submenus.
    Giving you a better and easier way to display more items to users using mobile phones to surf your blog.


    The template is well documented.
    Everything need, to set up the theme is including in the template.
    Also, I also added the settings for SEO, SMO and Schema tags.


    I want the best for you!
    I will render you my support after the purchase of the theme.
    You in case you face any bug, you can always post a question on the forum
    and I will help in resolving it.
    After installation. Leave a review here and i will help you check it out.


    C.T.B is a multipurpose theme that will fit any niche at all
    If you own a lifestyle, news, gossip, music, fashion, technology, sports blog etc
    C.T.B will do a great job for you.
    It also fits in well with personal bloggers.
    What are you waiting for?
    Download C.T.B  template now and give your blog a better look!.


    After purchase, a zip file will be will be downloaded by you.
    Unzip the file to get access to Clickloaded tech theme files and Documentation.
    Go to your blogger dashboard >> Theme >> Backup/Restore.
    Upload the theme XML file from your laptop and that's all.


    C.T.B is made super responsive.
    In other to enable this feature, Go to Theme >> Mobile
    Click on the gear icon and select "No. Show desktop theme on mobile devices."
    That is all. View your blog on your phone and love what you see.
    All other set up processes are explained in the documentation.

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